500kv Line Receives Mosdorfer Treatment in Nevada…

IMG_0653 Under crystal-clear blue skies the crews install Mosdorfer Triple-Spacer Dampers on a 500 kv line in the Nevada desert.image

 Thanks to the use of the Mosdorfer spacer damper the vibration caused by strong winds will be reduced to uncritical levels and help establish a safe distance between conductors.Spacer Install Crew 2

Therefore, preventing damage caused by conductor tilting, knocking together or extreme galloping. Mosdorfer’s mature production methods and innovative technologies help the development of safe tailored products for the utility marker.

If you would like additional information on this and other innovative Mosdorfer technologies please contact Gorman Company the local representative of Mosdorfer products.







TE Connectivity- AMPACT C-Wedge System

te photo 3

Don Findley, TE Connectivity Field Service Technician

Mr. Don Findley, TE Connectivity’s Field Service Technician, trains a group of Arizona linemen on the proper use and maintenance of the AMPACT lightweight Power-Actuated Tool.

TE Connectivity’s Wedge Pressure Technology has been field proven for over 40-years, utilizing AMPS’s C-Wedge system.

TE photo 1Developed to overcome the physical and electrical limitations of traditional compression or bolted connectors.  Its design addresses four key areas affecting connectors performance by:

  • Maximizing contact between the connector and conductor surfaces
  • Overcoming the problems associated with oxidation of metallic surfaces
  • Maintaining a constant force within the connection for the life of the connector, while compensating for thermal expansion or “creep”
  • Providing a simple, fool proof method for connector installation

If you would like additional information on the AMPACT C-Wedge System please contact the Gorman office at distribution@gorman-co.com.






Megger van travels through AZ

Len Holets and the Megger van has made its way through AZ.  Gorman Company’s John Burnett completed the first leg photo 3of the tour. While in Tucson, Len and John demonstrated Megger’s MRCT – Relay and Current Transformer Test Set.

The next stop was Phoenix.  Josh Gorman and Len demonstrated the Delta 4000 Power Factor Test Set to a captive audience.  photo 7

 If you missed the Megger van and would like a product demonstration or literature please contact our office.  We can send out literature and schedule a demonstration.

Pascor Atlantic ….. We are in the business of delivering more

Gorman Company invites you to browse through the attached videos and to contact us to receive Pascor Atlantic’s detailed brochure and get an up-close and personal look inside Pascor Atlantic.

“We are in the business of doing more.  In everything we do, from the products we make and the services we provide to our people who stand behind them, we are passionate about continuous improvement and going well above and beyond anything standard.”

Pascor Atlantic. Delivering more. Delivering service.

Megger Spotlights Success

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 2.59.54 PMMegger and Gorman Company have been a team for numerous years.  This valued relationship has grown and flourished into a true partnership. Megger is represented by Gorman Company in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas.

This year Gorman Company was honored with the Sales Achievement award . Len Holets, Senior Regional Manager of Megger, pictured right, presents the award to Jim Rolph of Gorman Company, pictured left.

Megger is one of the largest manufacturers of utility test equipment.  Their products include but are not limited to relay test equipment, transformer test equipment, breaker test equipment, cable test equipment, and meter test equipment.

Please check out the full line of Megger items at http://www.Megger.com or click the Megger link provided on the right side of this page and then contact Gorman Company by filling out the request below.  

Sabre closes out the year at SRP….

As the 2013 year comes to a close Gorman Company is reminded of the majesty of the SRP-Sabre installation whichphoto 1 is ongoing here in Arizona.  Sabre Tubular certainly has answered the call meeting a high demand schedule and producing a superior product.

We look forward to 2014’s continued successes and we look forward to continuing to serve the communities within our territories.

Happy Holidays to all we look forward to serving you in 2014!

Condux Training at Mesa’s Bass Pro Shop. Great turnout and an awesome event!

photo 3-001S&S Solutions hosted a product and demo training event at the Mesa, AZ Bass Pro Shop last week.  In attendance were local contractors and utility workman who utilize fiber cable and Condux products.

Captioned left are Clay Harris (Condux) manipulating the APS75 Hydraulic Underground Cable Puller.


The day of training included classroom discussions on fiber optic installation best practices and hands on equipment training. 

photo 5

Clay Harris and Joel Westphal from Condux were on site to provide one-on-one support and answer any technical questions the attendees had.

Captioned Left:  Clay Harris (Condux) and Buck Spears (S&S Solutions) demonstrating the Fiber Optic Cable Blower.